Capital: Méßau' until 3482, later Rhamaßtidó', then Shawloe in 7482
Duration: 2023-9589 AD (0-

'7566 in their calendars')

Height Size: 2,200,000 square miles in 4252-


Height population: 120,000,000 Elk-Men in 4001-4046
Religion: Ghalo-Mesan polytheism

until 7489, replaced by Shawloism

The Mesa-e'Tonian empire (or The Empire of Mesa/TEOM) is Xenarthragoniflargidurgee's second empire. At its height, it covered 92% of the southern island, and besieged part of the northern continent (this is were Rhamaßtidó is located because the founders of the empire were refugees from there)

Timeline (in our calendars)Edit

1591: The Masa-Ta'Ca tribe is founded

2022: Masa-Ta`Ca tribe evacuates the northern continent and starts a 113 day long voyage.

2023: Méßau and TEOM are founded by emperor Mesa-To`Wa.

2052: Mesa-To`Wa is killed during a conquest, and his son, Nes-To`Ro (the main character in the book) takes his place.

2055: The Shasta state (the one that Mesa-To`Wa was killed by) surrenders to TEOM.

2084: Nes-To`Ro dies and is replaced by emperor Guantí.

2103: TEOM reaches the continent's northern coastline.

2108: 40% of the money is stolen from Méßau by the Finue's.

2142: The Finue's are surrounded and Guanti tries to make peace.

2151: The Finuean rebellion starts.

2196: The Finuean's are defeated.

2200: Finuean technology is used to make new weapons.

2251: The Watabowi empire crosses into the borders.

2269: The Watabowi's are forced out of the south.

2282: TEOM arrives in the north.

2342: The Watabowi's shrink to the Watabowi state.

2399: The Watabowi state disappears.

2402: TEOM is officially the biggest nation on the planet.

2453: Flying machines are built.

2492: TEOM heads to Xeno. island.

2540: A trading town is built on Xeno. island

2541: Roads are invented.

2567: A Mobile Forest gets stuck on Méßau's walls,

2613: The Mobile Forest dies, technology to remove the creature is 2,000 years away, so it becomes a sacred symbol.

2782: TEOM is split into 3 sections.

2999: Emperor Daistian re-unites the empire.

3042: 15 soldiers prove spaceflight possible.

3043: With spaceflight proven to be possible, emperor Ba`sea plans to invade planet Omniterra (the planet Xenarthragoniflargidurgee orbits).

3088: Emporer Ba`sea dies, and the Mesa-e`Tonia Civil War (MeTCW) starts.

3118: TEOM is split into 2 sections.

3141: Southern emperor As-Dil II declares the southern TEOM as a republic now ruled by the great senate of Ghalis (Ghalis is the city next to Méßau).

3204: Méßau's population reaches 1.5 million.

3351: The Triscano city-state starts a rebellion.

3400: Triscano is defeated.

3482: Rhamaßtidó becomes the capital.

3546: TEOM becomes an empire again.

3602: TEOM divides into provinces, each with their own senator.

3655-58: The great plague strikes.

3716: Drilling to 10 miles beneath the surface, miners discover an "endless" amount of Carbonite (we call it Uranium) Carbonite is harmless to Elk-Men, and are used as fuel in transport and war vehicles.

3801: Space soldiers colonize the northern river of Omniterra

3952: The empire's sudden population growth occurs.

4001: The population of the empire reaches 120 million.

4252: TEOM reaches its Xenarthragonian territorial height at 2.2 million square miles.

4522: TEOM successfully spreads its empire to Omniterra.

4589: Méßau drops to a population of just 75,000, while Rhamaßtidó expands to 500,000.

4622: Technology to remove the mobile forest has arrived, but it has become too sacred of a symbol.

4670: Prince Flin-Gaio of the south is born.

4689: Emporer Flin-Gaio The Great ascends to the throne at the age of 19.

4710: Flin-Gaio leads 45,000 troops to the east to conquer lost territory.

4716: After expanding the empire by 7% in 6 years, Flin-Gaio gets his name chaged to "The Honorable Emperor Flin-Gaio The Great Of The Mesa-e`Tonian Empire".

4634: Flin-Gaio's reing comes to an end. He had no son, only a daugther named Shamillia. So a civil war breaks out.

4636: With neither of the sides able to end the war quickly, Shamillia becomes TEOM's first female emperor.

4640: Shmaillia turns out to be a great scientist, engineer, and inventor. She has invented Xenarthragoniflargidurgee's first computers.

4642-4651: A 600-foot tall temple supported by only 8 columns is built, in honor of the godess Giscaala, the godess of architechture.

4652-4658: a 20-mile tall Space Tower is built. It will send signals to Omniterra.

4661: A rebel state on Omniterra changes into the Fivtic empire,

4663: Shamillia turns out to be useless in military standards. She is deposed from the throne and becomes Daliac (the new emperor)'s chief architect.

4665: Wanting the power she once had, Shamillia marries Daliac to become the queen of TEOM.

4668: After 7 years, the Fivtics are defeated.

4671: Shamillia and Daliac die.

4672: Emperor Des-Terrian the Old ascends to the throne.

4784: After a 112 year long rule, Des-Terrian dies, and the great anarchy period starts.

6082: The anarchy period ends, during which, TEOM has shrunk by 45% on Xeno. and Meßau was conquered by ancient enemies, the Tabascans, they had also stolen all of Xeno. island, and also extend to the poles.

6122: Meßau is regained by emperor Aquilin III.

6125: The smell of the dead mobile forest has become too much, and the once great city becomes an empty temple field.

6127: Meßau is filled with water, and the mobile forest is put in the middle to use as a building surface for the moon's largest temple. Everything that made it heavy is replaced by floating materials to help the MB float.

6182: Rhamaßtidó is sacked, it had owned 50% of the moon's wealth.

6227: As a celebration to 100 years of the Meßau Mobile Forest temple, emperor Fikstois IV orders the construction of a obelisk to honor the goddess of space (Hermaci).

6230: The obelisk is half complete when the project is cancelled for another 500 years.

6730: Construction of the obelisk of Hermaci continues.

6746: The obelisk is completed.

6753: A chunk of the obelisk comes falling to Xenarthragoniflargidurgee.

6783: Fikstois VIII orders the obelisk to be sent into deep space due to it being too dangerous.

7001: Mesan scientists find planets Earth, and KOI 494.01. The immediately send laser beams to the planets.

7024: TEOM gets a response from Earth.

7122: Shawloism is officially tolerated.

7482: The capital of TEOM is now a city on Omniterra called "Shawloe".

7489: Shawloism becomes the empire's religion.

7891: Emporer Distantí separates the empire into 2 pieces, and founds the Ghaliskis empire.

7948: Inter-stellar travel is achieved.

8236: The laser signals sent to KOI 494.01 sent in 7001 reach their destination, however, if there is a response, it will take another 1,235 years.

8409: The entire star system Xenarthragoniflargidurgee resides in is colonized.

8673: The first colonists in the Sol System successfully pass through the Kuiper Belt. The colonists are not hostile, knowing a war with the much more advanced humans would almost certainly end in Elk-Man extinction.

8894: Artificial gravity level devices are invented, they are worn by Elk-Man colonists on Earth and Venus so they can visit the high-gravity planets without suffering the effects of the high gravity.

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