S.P.S.s(species:unknown)Alien Troopers(Species

unknown) and Commando (species:Mandirigmangtropiko) are the inductees.

Facts and Trivia

  • S.P.S. stands for Special Purpose Sniper
  • S.P.S.s have every jointed triple-jointed
  • S.P.S.s are black and thin
  • Alien Troopers have a gene similar to a Hunters
  • Alien Troopers are snipers
  • Commandos are S.W.A.T. roops for the New Covenant
  • Commandos, being tropical, are hairless
  • Alien troopers bleed orange-red ,but the blood trapped in the silver-gray armor
  • S.P.S.s bleed dark purple blood if they are male, or purple-red if female
  • All three are mammals ,but S.P.S.s have avian-like egg-laying and hollow bones

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