Necronom IV
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"He was created to be the ultimate lifeform. A biological weapon under the juridstiction of humanity. One which instilled fear and terror at the mere mention of his name, we wanted to control it. To subjugate the power of the yautja and xenomorph in a singular unmatched entity. A weapon to surpass all known lifeforms. Unfortunately for us, we succeeded."
— Doctor Bryan Stark, Lead Designer of The Nibiru Project.

Nibiru (Literally meaning; "Horned Destroyer") is perhaps one of the single most dangerous and destructive artificially manufactured xenomorphs in existence, one which was designed, funded, and built up by the exogen medicine company. Nibiru, as his name suggests, is known for having a pair of large, extremely sharp and enormously dangerous horns upon his head, a genetic characteristic which caused its manufacturers to label it under the same title as Planet X. Originally created to be a weapon of warfare that could be used by humanity, Nibiru spiralled out of control the moment after his birth, and has since become one of the most supremely dangerous and infamous beings known to humanity.









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