The Beginning Edit

The Omniversal Being a.k.a The Spawn of Agrobarick was spawned from Agrobarick. It was extremely dangerous to the Omniverse. It was a massive, alien like creature that consumed multiverses and megaverses. Edit

History Edit

An unnamed being had secretly spawned from Agrobarick and escaped to destroy the Omniverse. It decided to destroy the Omniverse and all of creation but was soon stopped. It was later seen as a threat to the Omniverse and later sealed outside the Omniverse. It is of now trapped there and is trying to make it's way to the Omniverse and destroy it.

Appearance Edit

It's appearance is a tyrannosaurus like creature with spikes that are extremely sharp like knives and has a snake like tail. It has wings on it's back and six legs on the sides of it's body. It is 10 septillion times larger than a megaverse. A megaverse contains trillions of multiverses.

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