This is a story set in June 2349. It follows the story of a man who is exploring a newly found [2330] planet called Dinodarcus to create a book called the P.L.A.N.E.T Project.

Chapter 1: On Dinodarcus.Edit

David had finally landed on Dinodarcus. He was now in the recently formed base mean't to study the life of Dinodarcus. As he set out, he found a Creature the size of an Elephant. A Herbivore. It was the Vastatotherium, a harmless Herbivore but extremely dangerous if angry. The Creatures strange shape was fascinating, David thought. It looked like a Stegosaurus crossed with a Pteranodon and a Arisinotherium. It had a spiked tail and plates on the back, a crest on it's head and 2 large horns as well as a beak. It was 12 meters long. He photographed it, and took the photo back to base.

Chapter 2: The JungleEdit

David took a request to take a photograph of a hunting Atlasodon, a Carnivore with strong teeth. He set out again, and after photographing another Vastatotherium, he found what he was looking for. A 4 meter full grown Atlasodon. It was like a Kaprosuchus, but it had fur on it's back and limbs. Soon, David found out it was hunting him. He ran but the Beast followed, and he had to photograph it. He did, then ran, eventually losing it. The photo was super. But he was lost. All he had was a canteen and a snack box as well as a small pistol. However, his photos could be sent back through the camera. He sent them back the photos as well as an S.O.S signal.

Chapter 3: No Answer.Edit

David waited for 2 hours and there was no answer. He then ran into the jungle. David was in huge danger of attacks from Creatures like the Atlasodon. His pistol was weak and could only repel the big ones. Luckily he soon found a Vastatotherium he could ride on inbetween the plates. If it was attacked it could kill the threat. This one was a 14 meter long male. Suddenly, a roar was heard in the jungle, and footsteps were coming closer and closer.

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