(This is the sequel to Alien:The Attack :))

Tom,Mitch,Cody,Joe make a deal with Weyland-Yutani to receive predator technology to get payed 10,000 each.Tom,Mitch,Cody,Joe,an anxious scientist,and 7 marines all board the SS Maximus,to go to the planet where the movie Predator took place.Tom,Mitch,Cody,and Joe make friends with the scientist,who reveals he is the younger brother of one of the marines who are going with them.Suddenly,the ship speeds up,and charges towards their destination.Before they could get to the control room,they crash,and everyone faints.When everyone wakes up,they take emergency supplies,and set up a camp.Meanwhile,a creature spies on them from the trees.One of the marines goes out to get some food,and heads deep into the jungle.The creature follows the marine through the trees.The marine climbs up a tree,picks a few fruits,and climbs back down.The creature uncloaks,revealing itself to be a predator.Before the marine can react,the predator fires its plasma caster,killing the marine on the spot.30 minutes later,Tom,Mitch,Cody,Joe,the marines,and the scientist,all go looking for the missing marine.Meanwhile,the predator watches and waits.10 minutes later,the predator pulls out his all new predator battle-axe,and lunges towards one of the marines,smashing the axe into his neck,and smashing his neck into a tree,splinters of wood flying everywhere.The predator pulls out his axe,and the dead body of the marine falls to the ground.Everyone runs away from the predator,as the predator chases them through the jungle.One of the marines trips on a large log,and the predator steps on him.The marine screams as the predator kills him,blood spurting everywhere.The predator continues chasing the others through the trees.The predator pulls out his Combi-Stick,and lunges down towards Mitch,and grabs him by the neck.The predator places Mitch's back against a big slab of stone.The predator aims the sharp point of his Combi-Stick at Mitch's face.The predator is about to stab Mitch,when Tom shoots the predator with a pulse rifle,messing up the predators aim,causing the predator to drive the Combi-Stick just beside Mitch's face.The predator tries to pull out the Combi-Stick but it is stuck inside the slab of stone.Tom grabs Mitch,and everyone runs away.The predator decides not to chase them as he has a plan in his mind.Later,back at the camp,everyone tries to make a plan to defeat the predator,which is nicknamed "Claw".Suddenly,Claw leaps down from a tree and shoots two marines with his plasma caster,taking both of them out with one shot.The others run away as the predator runs through the forest,chasing after them.Suddenly,Claw lunges forward with his battle-axe so hard,that the blade hits one of the marines,and drives his neck into a tree.Claw slices the marine's head off,and roars,making everyone else run away.One of the marines,which is the older brother of the scientist stays,and pulls out a sword.He tells the others to run away while he stays and fights.The others obey,and soon the predator arrives,and the battle begins.Both of them fight fiercely,wrist blades against sword.But the marine (named Adam) gets overpowered and suffers from great wounds.Claw is about to finish Adam off,when Tom,Mitch,Cody,Joe,and the scientist leaps out from the bushes,and pulls out a sword they found.They begin fighting,and Cody destroys Claw's plasma caster in the process.Claw is then stabbed several times in the chest,his green blood spurting out.Claw slowly removes his mask,revealing his face.He then sheathes his wrist blades,and pulls out his battle-axe.The fight continues,and Claw slashes at Cody who ducks,and then leaps into the air,and kicks Claw hard in the face,causing him to fall.Claw gets up,but Cody grabs his axe,and drives it hard into his neck,green blood splashing everywhere.Claw activates his self destruct device,before bleeding to death.Tom,Mitch,Cody,Joe,Adam,and the scientist (named Jeff) all run away,towards their camp,right before the explosion.They find an intact escape shuttle,and blast away into space,but Adam dies of his wounds in the shuttle,as the shuttle heads towards Earth.

(Thanks for reading! :) I will release "Alien vs Predator:Battle for Earth" soon!)

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