About and CharactersEdit

Predatorial Halo

The hunt has began

Predatorial Halo is a storyline a year after the first Human/Covenet war.Its about a spartan named Tommy Spain,a elite named Xyantos,a Predator named Zel'no'di,the new spartans,and the second Human/Covenet war.


A conflict has started between the Humans and the Covenet again after the Covenet's Prophets have been killed,they found new leaders telling them to kill off the rest of the humans.The war leader of the Humans is Spartan 116 Tommy the best there is.The elites have been pulled into it as well the Elite leader is named Xyantos.The Humans and Elites now fight as one.Tommy and Xyantos or X are now aboard the Pillar of Inferno a giant ship for both kinds to live on.This new war has caused many tragedies,injury,and deaths.Even worse is the Xenomorph of Xenomorph prime have boarded ship after ship unknowingly they now are a problem in the war fighting both sides.Even worse the Yaujta now can fight noble and powerful warriors instead of the WY's forces.Zel'no'di has found an enemy in Xyantos.While Draiel has found an enemy in Tommy."The war has only begun and so has the hunt.

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