Project 3.1








to come


4 weeks after ripley was with colinial marines

ability 1:

acid spit

ability 2:

Perfect stealth

ability 3:

call multiple facehuggers at once


acid proof skin + bullit proof skin


5 Metre long tail, sharp claws able to rip through metal, Headbite stronger than most Xenomorphs

 On The planet LV-426 a ship crashed holding marines and a few science officers, They found a huge "Forunner" ship, they then went to investigate, they found million's of egg's and stupidly brougt one back to a war ship known as the blue moon.

Facehugger at largeEdit

They broke open the egg to remove...a Facehugger, they put it in a glass tube, the facehugger waited days before it coul brake out, when the time was right it used acid to brake from the glass, at the time there were to marines, known as nickel and rick, rick said "did you hear that nickel?", nickel replied "hear wha-aghhh!!" as the facehugger latched to nickel's face. "Mayday mayday we have a man down i repeat a man down!!"

Chestburster escapeEdit

coming soon!.

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