Rebecca "newt" Jordan (clone) is a clone of newt,

rebecca "newt" jordan (clone)
Real Name rebecca "newt" jordan (formaly)

rebecca "newt" ripley (currently)

Birthdate Awakening: march 14, 2184
Birthplace on board the Bosset
Rank Captain
Species human
Gender female
Hair Color blond
Eye Color blue
Era 2180's
Affiliation humans, Nasa and new weyland-yutani
Notable Fact clone of the survivor of hadleys hope on lv-426, now captain of the niridesis 02
Status alive


DNA found:Edit



rebecca newt jordan (clone) was rivived by joshua zero on the KND Bosset, and awoken on a man made planet called CN-JN0, a planet that was smally colonized by cartoons and stranded humans, then she met jimmy hank ripley, the geneticlly created son of ellen ripley.

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