The following is a race created by User:Pinguinus. Do not edit this page without his permission. All users do, however, have the right to use the salsenes for their own fiction, game modifications, etc. If used for fiction on this wiki, please send me the link to the fiction. I would love to see it. More information on the salsenes can be found at Multiverses wiki.

The salsenes are a race of amphibian humanoids native to the planet Ishtar. They currently have an empire strechting many worlds, using technology gained from a crashed Space Jockey ship.



Height:5 feet tall

Salsenes are anthromorphic amphibians, with mottled green and blue coloration.

Relations with other SpeciesEdit

Salsenes generally do not start wars with other species, but their overall weakness has prompted a great many races to attack them. For example, they have been at war with various human nations before. Predators usually leave them alone, as they are too weak for their hunting to have become common. Xenomorph-salsenes (called "Saliens") are smaller and weaker than their relatives, yet more intelligent.


A salien. Note large braincase.

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