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140px-Drone tail strike-AVP2004
Real Name Scarface
Birthdate 8 November 2196
Birthplace USCSS Hyperion
Rank Warrior (Formerly)


Species Xenomorph
Gender Female

Asexual (Formerly)

Height 2 meters
Weight 350 lb
Era 22nd Century
Affiliation Xenomorphs
Notable Fact Large scar running down its face

Leader of the Jungle Planet hive

Status Alive
Scarface was a Xenomorph Warrior, and later Queen, born in a spacecraft, the Hyperion. She eventually grew to adult size and caused the ship to crash on a jungle world. Scarface got her name from a trademark scar on her left side of her face, left over from the chestburster stage. Scarface was frequently at war with the Yautja, Slayer over land.

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