Carnivore Sapient


27 feet tall


56 feet long



Scoriapraxx is a tyrannosaurus like creature with scorpion stinger tail. They are carnivore creature and great threat for the Lamen traveler. They move very fast and with it's tail they can spit a venom enough to break steel. Scoriapraxx also have high smelling system inside it's body. It can smell their pray for 5 kilometer in range. They also live on high places like rocky mountain. In 2,000,003,076 BPW, Scoriapraxx was very dangerous for the Universe Republic when they crossing the Lamen border. Because they are very dangerous, the Universe republic were killing every one of them. It was a wong step taken by the republic. Their operation cause heavy casualties, many of the soldier is killed and gone missing. One of the famous soldier who is missing is the bounty hunter Ryahh. To secure the border, republic called a help from Omnicide Coalition to take advantage of the Lamen border. Because of the operation, the Scoriapraxx is gone from Lamen. But republic biggest question is how Scoriapraxx emerge from planet D-765 Sklazak that 500 light years away from Lamen.

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