Seraph Predator
Seraph Predator
The Seraph Predator.
Real Name Yor'vesk
Birthplace Yautja Prime
Rank Elite
Species Yautja
Gender Male
Height 8'2
Affiliation Jungle Hunters
Notable Fact Two plasma cannons.
Status Alive


The Seraph Predator, also known as Yor'vesk in his tongue- was a Yautja hailing from the Jungle Hunter Clan. He is notable in that he has two Plasma Cannons and a Biomask varient unseen before. This Biomask is typically a mix of the Celtic Mask and Tracker Masks.

Brief StoryEdit

The Seraph Predator was a Yautja who was sent to Earth during the Vietnam war, throughout the war he hunted many prey ranging from both sides of such war. He emerged victorious however not before losing his hunting mate in the process, equipping his brothers Plasma Cannon and proceeding to use two. From this, he earnt the name 'Seraph' Predator, due to the cannons appearing as wings.

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