Sil xenomorphs are a kind of xenomorphs that are born from one or more of sil's species, in fact they are so simaler to sil's kind in species series but much stronger as the others, super reginerateing capabilitys, blades on spine and exoskeletel structure even reproductive systems as well, even sensing diseses in mates,  in addition they carry royal jelly from the sil xenomorph queen into their jelly glads inside them selfs for their mates to become part of the hive, but they also have acid for blood, bioluminescent insides, inner jaws, 


male workers:Edit

the male workers are simaler to the drones jobs

but much more stranger as the rest for the xeno sil hive

Female workers:Edit

the females are way stranger as the males are but human size like sil's kind, but they can reproduce as the queen reproduces, they also carry their own royal jelly, even simaler to the queens jelly, if they find a perfect lifeform to mate with it inserts the jelly into the stomach area by its inner mouth known as a proboscus. but if they sense and embryo inside the mate it choosen, it can use the proboscus to get the embryo from it while it inserts the jelly into the host. it can emit an intoxicating sweet smell when its in heat.

Fan art Gallery of female sil xenomorphs :Edit

Stages of mutation in mates by jelly:Edit
  1. telepathy from the female that implanted jelly.

Male warriors:Edit

Female warriors:Edit

sil xenomorph queen:Edit

the sil xenomorph queen lays the eggs but they are much odder as other eggs.

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