Many know his Name, All Fear him, Few know his True Purpose... He's the Slender Man. Ancient Guardian of Earth. Fallen Angel. He stands at 7 Foot 6 with Long Legs and Arms and a Blank Face. He's a Man of Style with a Black Suit, Black Trousers, White Shirt, White Belt, Black Belt Buckle Black and Red Tie with Black and White Shoes. When in "Rage Mode" he sprouts 4 Black Tenticles and Claws to help in Combat.


One Day as Slender waa enjoying the Peaceful Nature of his Sacred Forest, Satan sent his most Powerful Demons to Steal the 8 Pages. Due to their Success Slender became Weak and was unable to Prevent Hell's Invasion... But he sure as Hell Led a Resistance. Along his Quest to retake the Pages he met Lily. A 8 Year Old Girl who was Orphaned by the Invasion. Together they Took back Earth and regained the Eight Pages. The Commotian they caused lead to Satan himself Entering Earth-Realm. He released a Gas that Paraliysed all Life on Earth... But Slender was different and was able to resist the Effects. He used the 8 Pages to turn into Ultimate Slender Man and both he and Satan engaged in a Climatic Battle in Space... Slender was Victorious but Satan escaped back to Hell World. A While Later he was one of many caught in the "Shattered Dimensions" Event. (He Helped the Hero Side dureing the Event)


  • Teleportation
  • Regenerative Health
  • Impressive Hand-To-Hand Combat Skills
  • Ninja like Stealth Skills
  • Power over Static
  • Can Breath in Space and Underwater


  • Six the Xenomorph
  • Dark the Yautja
  • Rookie the Marine
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Megatron
  • White Noise
  • Lily the Orphan


  • White Noise (Cousin)
  • Lily the Orphan (Adopted Daughter)


  • White Noise


  • Satan
  • The Darkness
  • The Deacon
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Seven the Xenomorph
  • Sonic.EXE


"I dont useally Kick Demon Ass... But when i do Satan Cries."

"My Power Level, It's Over 9000!"

"Dont Touch that!"

"Give her the Candy back... Now!"

"You're in my Neighbourhood now B*tch."

"Dafuq is this Crazy Jack Skellington Sh*t?"

"One doe's not Simply Steal my Eight Pages."


  • His Theme Song is I am all of me.
  • If he collects all 8 Pages he becomes Powerful enough to make Satan Bleed with one Punch.
  • He's never Killed or Harmed an Innocent Human.
  • He's Irish.
  • Him and White Noise regurely have EPIC Stareing Competitions. 
  • His Ego... It's over 9000! (Nah not Really)

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