tommy,thomas,or tom with scout armor


Spartan 116 aka Tom Spain.He is the best Spartan there is.He befriends Xyantos aka X like Chief and Arbiter.Draiel hunts Tom while Zel'no'di hunts X.He fought in Reach,at Halo and more.He is the 2nd main character in Predatorial Halo.(mix of Avp and Halo)He went into the Spartan program a year before Cheif.Tommy mostly stays on the Pillar of Inferno until he is assigned a

Pillar of Inferno

mission or assignment.He stands at a huge height of 8'6 one of the tallest heights reached for a human.

Birth 2505:Status:Alive

Human weaponEdit

Tom is a powerful spartan with alot of strength,duribility,speed,and IQ.He has been shown to throw a ghost that slammed into him top speed.He also has killed a Yautja with his bare hands without help or a weapon.He has also been shown to overpower covenet enemies with his strength.He is the human weapon.

Main weaponEdit

His main weapon is a double barrel shotgun with the name May inscripted on the side. May is the name of his wife.May is Spartan 118.The May Shotgun is the nickname for it.


The May shotgun is powerful enough to kill multiple opponets in one blast

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