Cthulhu and R'lyeh
The Tentax are a sapient race native to the Mythos System in the Daemoniverse. They are currently at war with the Daemons, which have now occupied their homeworld.


The average Tentax is a green, reptilian humanoid, with blank eyes and long tentacles sticking out of the face. An individual can grow to be up to 20 feet tall, if not killed before then.



The Tentax have traditionally had a violent culture, centered around hunting other members of their species (but from different civilizations). In the last century, they had an "Ethical Enlightenment", in which a supposed Prophet taught better ways of living.


The Tentax now follow an individual known as the "Commander".


The Tentax invented a wide array of devices, including starships, energy weapons, nuclear bombs, and antimatter warheads.


As said before, the Tentax were incredibly violent in the past, and entire kingdoms were often wiped out during gorey blood feuds. However, a Tentax called "The Prophet" preached a more peaceful way of living. Unfortunately, the Prophet was killed by a Hellfire Bomb dropped by the Gehennian Soulbane about fifty years ago. Ever since then, the Tentax have been at war with the Daemons.

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