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The Doctor
Young Edward Richtofen BOIII
Game Aliens VS Predator (First Appearance, Part I)
Alien VS Predator: The Operator (Part II)
Alien: Liberate (File, Part III)
Novel ALien: Charlie-One (Part IV)
Alien: Emotions (Part V)
Alien: Bond (Part VI)
Movie Alien: Last of Us (Last Appearance, Part VII)
Alien: Sovereign (Mentioned Only, Part VIII))
Titles The National Doctor
Aliases Dr. John Smith
Personal Information
Race Human
Birthdate Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Blood Type AB
Affiliations & Groups
Hometown Unknown
Home Country Unknown (Possibly United States)
Group Affiliation Weyland Corporation (Formally)
Occupation Doctor
Team Team Doctor
Previous Partner The Operator
Arthur Pendragon
Samuel Hayden
Skills, Abilities & Equipment
Skills Medicine Creation
Advance Combat
Weapon Mastery
Abilities Transcendental-Genius Intellect
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Speed
Equipment Doctor's Screwdriver
Image Gallery

The Doctor, also known as Dr. John Smith was a legendary high ranking medical officer, archaeologist with decorates with paleontology, archaeology, high degree of physics and is among the most skillful gunman on board the USCSS Sovereign expedition in response to a unidentified transmission on the planet of Harvest over 1000 light-years away from Earth. When he reached to Harvest, he was able to learn and adapt to its unidentified structures, and was able to read the ancient unknown language of it. He used this knowledge to learn about these "Aelia" see the Universe. However, his team was ambushed by Xenomorphs, and was never seen again. And he was never detected as Sovereign was not able to locate his heat signature at all.

The Doctor was chosen for the expedition due to his intensive knowledge of extraterrestrials due to his workings with Weyland Corporation, working the Xenomorphs, and developing the ability of Xenopathy.




Early LifeEdit

School Years & Child ProdigyEdit


World War IIIEdit

Wayland Cooperation=Edit

Sovereign ExpeditioEdit



  • Medicine Creation: The Doctor is able to skillfully create nigh-perfect antidotes filled with Anti-Bots, a nano-cellular robotic device that is able to combat almost any organic diseases, and repair lost or damaged organic tissue done the body. This is extremely useful against the Xenomorph's acidic blood material.
  • Advance Combat: The Doctor is one of the most skilled combatant in the Wayland Corporation. His skills in use of many forms of Martial Arts allows him to possess Enhanced Reflexes, and is highly efficient in almost all projectile and melee weapon.
    • Weapon Mastery: The Doctor is one of the few Wayland Corporation scientists who is capable of handling almost any weapon in the arsenal.


  • Transcendental-Genius Intellect: The Doctor is said to possess a IQ of over 400, making him the most intelligent scientist in the Wayland Corporation, and thus one of the very few most important scientist in the organisation. Factly, he's IQ is so great, he is able to telepathically communicate with the Xenomorphs, and feel their feelings and emotions.
    • Xenopathy: The Doctor's extraordinary ability to communicate with the Xenomorphs. He is able to communicate with all types, and was able to talk with the Queen
      • Empathy: Through Xenopathy, the Doctor is able to understand a Xenomorph's emotions and their true feelings.
  • Xeno-Reproduction (Possible): A very very, nigh-impossible ability to reproduce with the Xenomorphs, with the child having the appearance of the Xenomorph, while having the intelligence of the human who the Xenomorph mates with. Arran said that he is able to "mate" with Aphrodite as he did so. But is unclear if the Doctor's Xenomorph is impregnate but did shows signs of one.
  • Genetically Enhanced Condition
    • Enhanced Strength:
      • Enhanced Durability:
      • Enhanced Jump:
      • Enhanced Stamina
      • Strength Combat:


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