Predalien (1)



some predator members

'"All that rise a hand to us will burn! We will take the fight to their land....their people...their blood."

The Legion want controll over all planets.


The members of the Legion are mostly killers and have no honor or resaon to fight, but killing. They hunt for killing and not any thing eles. But the one with the most prizes and kills will become the leader. And some are insane.

Captureing a dragonEdit

In one of the hunts, the leaders whated to prove there powers to others who would rise agaisnt them by capturing a rare sight, a dragon. Capturing one was hard, as they are rare. But one unluky dragon was found and a hard batlle was fought. By the leaders proved to be suppiorer. As for the dragon, they string it up to a huge totem. The dragon crused at Master,who slashed his face for it.


The Legion was at first a group that wanted to save xenomorphs from going elimated by humans. Later on they fromed a political group, causeing many planets to join them forming Legion space. Their goals soon change. Now they began to attack the U.N.S.C. This caused many problems and soon the Legion turn to become a dictatorship.


The Legion mostly use human, predator and other races wepons and barely use there own. There wepons inclued: Smart Disks, Plasmacasters, Wirst blades, cloaking, wirst compter and ect... But the most weird wepon is the scout hawk, which is a cyborg hawk. How ever they are know to use humans as wepons, by cutting of a human's legs and arms and replaceing them with mechical wings and legs, aswell as bombs placed in side them.


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