The Three Great Being is a league of three godlike life form. Their average size is roughly 6-7 septillion times larger than a normal multiverse. They also can think like a normal sapient. They are the second lifeform known from Omniverse. The legend says that they are created approximately 20,000,000,000,000,000,000 BPW or 'The Lost Time'. When they was an infant, they trying to escape the Great Agrobarick but in the end they always taken back to Omniverse. Finally until now, they guarding the Omniverse and within it. They will take part on a future armageddon war


The Three Great Beings has an appearance like an amoeba but it can shapeshift whatever they want.

Creator IdeaEdit

The Three Great Beings is base on The Beyonders(Marvel), Overmonitor(DC), and Lord of Nightmare true form(Slayer).