The excitement stirred in his guts, he was filled with an animalistic instinct that pulled him towards the site he watched, perched amongst the vegetation of the canopy like a bird of prey.

They arrived, moving cautiously into the clearing, waving those cumbersome weapons into the shadows, wary of unseen observers. He leaned forward, his fist wrapped tightly around his weapon as he watched the multi-coloured silhouettes. One of them sensed something, pointing towards his direction, the light causing his thermal vision to blind red. The creature, satisfied with its sloppy inspection turned its attention away again. The afterimage faded quickly, something above the mammals stirred in the blue; he flicked the vision sight over. There it was, his muscles tensed in anticipation as the loathsome lizard crept towards his bait, focusing his vision to absorb the details, four of the stumbling humans, the lizard stalking them.

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