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Normal Form:Blonde with brown mixed aka dirty blonde.

Super Saiyan:Blonde with two brown tips on spiked hair.
Raditz super saiyan 3 by Gothax

Torock in his ultimate form his True Saiyan power (in between Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan 4

Super Saiyan 2:Blonde with two brown tips on spiked hair with Electric Ki Aura.

Super Saiyan 3:Long Blonde hair with brown tips at the bottom,also doesn't have eye-brows like all Super Saiyan 3 Saiyans with Electic Ki Aura.

True Super Saiyan:(Form between Super Saiyan 3 and 4):Blonde hair.Also has a large amount of Electric Ki Aura.The hair shortens in this form.Achieved when he absorbs enough energy from an enemy.

Great Ape:Blonde with brown tips(One of the only Saiyans that can keep his own mind together during this state)


Torock came to Earth for one reason.To get away from a evil force known as Terror.Once Torock arrived he was greeted by powerful Saiyans,Goku and Vegeta.They went on to sparring in the mountainous plains.The first battle was won by Torock who didn't need to transform at all against Vegeta's Super Saiyan 2 power.The second battle was inconclusive because of the arrival of a Saiyan Tuffle hybrid named Terror who is Broly's more powerful brother.Torock can absorb enemy attacks and use them at a more powerful extent.Torock killed Terror with a new absorbed attacked which he called the Crimson Hole Cannon.The attack traps the target in a black hole which Torock can control and can be fired mostly at the Sun.Torock has a wife named Kelta who he grew up with and trained with.


  • Known Ultimate attacks:Crimson Reaper(Giant red energy sphere that explodes when the control detonates it)
  • Known Blast attacks:Crimson Quaker,Crimson Breaker.(less powerful version of the Crimson Reaper that can be controlled where to go by the user)
  • Known Absorbed attacks:Crimson Kamehameha wave,Crimson Hole Cannon(Energy hole absorbed)
  • Fusion attacks:Crimson Kamehameha,Crimson Bomb,Reaper Bomb.

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