The Trimdemians were an alien race native to the Inner Rim planet Trimdem.

Biology and appearance Edit

The Trimdemians had a distinctive jutting bone structure on their faces, with sunken eyes that had vertical pupils. Two lines of bone curved up from the rear of their neck, along the top of their skulls and projected as three ridged horns from their forehead. Two smaller horns also projected from there. Black or brown hair grew between the lines of bone on their heads, and also as beards.

History Edit

A Trimdemian was part of the Ante-Endor Association, found on the planet Mrlsst. This Association pro-Imperial organization claimed the Battle of Endor was a piece of Rebel Alliance propaganda and insisted that the Galactic Empire was still operating at full strength. Along with some other members of the organization, he tried to beat up Tycho Celchu. He later helped with the cleanup of Mrlssi. Another Trimdemian was a smuggler who meet with Talon Karrde on Trogan. Karrde gathered smugglers together in the Whistler's Whirlpool Tapcafe to proposed the Smugglers' Alliance against Grand Admiral Thrawn

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