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"The owls are not what they seem..."

Plagued by persistent dreams of a giant owl, Special Agent Boudica "Bea" Taylor investigates Annie Blackburn's abduction by the crazed Windom Earle in the town of Twin Peaks, where Taylor's dreams only intensify.

In her dreams, it is night in the woods outside Twin Peaks, but, in Taylor's words, "the stars are wrong." From somewhere deep within the swaying pine trees, she hears a familiar sound that seems out of place in this suddenly alien wilderness. She recognizes the scratch of a needle as it meets vinyl, then the regular dirty pops and clicks of an old record being played. She wonders why it sounds like it's coming from so high in the trees-then she hears it. An owl's hoot--coming from the record player, not natural. "Hello? she calls out, "Who's there?" The sound of the record player stops cold, without a scratch.

Taylor edges closer to the largest, oldest tree. She senses a presence among its highest branches, where the weak starlight of strange constellations is swallowed by the beckoning darkness. The darkness opens its eyes--flashing a simmering red, the only part of it revealed to Taylor. She stumbles backward and into consciousness, awaking at last in her room at the Great Northern.

Taylor sits up and reaches for the lone cigarette in the pack by her bed. There is no lighter. She puts the cigarette between her lips and closes her eyes, drawing a deep breath and taking a moment. She carefully replaces the single cigarette in the box. Taylor gets up, excavates a phone number from a mound of notes collected waiting to visit Cooper at Western State.


"Major Briggs, this is Agent Taylor, I'm investigating the Blackburn case."

"Yes ma'am I know," she could almost hear his upright posture through the phone, "There comes a time of upheaval in every community, ours has seen more than its share. How may I be of service?"

Taylor smiled. From anyone else that was a mouthful, coming from Briggs it sounded perfectly natural.

"Major, you know that Windom Earle worked with the Air Force, in the early '70s, investigating, among other things, U.F.O. sightings?"

"I can neither confirm nor deny his involvement..." Taylor smiled again. She'd been stalled by military types before, but none made her honestly believe they were doing it for her own protection. Except the honest, earnest Briggs. He did know something, something too awful to share. For some reason, that sent ice through her veins.

"Major, I need to know more about Earle's work there. I need to know about Project Blue Book..."

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