Voiasenso Starcitizen Forward Spore
Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Chirpek
Average Height Roughly Human-sized
Diet Herbivore
Sapience Level Sapient

The Voiasenso are a species of sapient reptavians whom are considered one of the "dawn races" of the Kyklos galaxy, alongside other such races which include the Mnemosyne, Azghora and the Centro. These massively ancient races have existed for roughly a billion years each, and yet somehow two of them continue to exist (while the other two have gone extinct).

The Voiasenso themselves have lived amongst the stars for longer than any known being can calculate, making them perhaps even more ancient that the Mnemosyne. They are a benevolent species and have associated with many younger races, and during their tenure as "galactic gods", oftentimes could be found helping the blossoming species with technology or saving their races suddenly from disaster. Lately, however, they have begun to disappear for reasons unknown to the galaxy as a whole. Their current close allies, the UFCL are especially concerned. Even so, they are still active members of the UFCL.


  • The Voiasenso were created originally in the then very recently released Spore simply as a simple species that had been infected by a "seed bug" - then renamed from their concept name to the official term Xrondo. Several months later it was decided to make an actual history for the species, and so the original Infected Voiasenso model was "cured" - the Xrondo legs and eyes were removed, as were the holes they came out of, while the Voiasenso itself was straightened up. This original species file was lost when the computer it was on became inaccessible, and some years later they were revitalized once more at the same time that the Xrondo were updated with new legs.


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