Zel'no'di vs Night Viper


Covenet ship flowing with xenomorphs that can interupt the fight.


Zel'no'di and Night Viper see each other in a covenet battleship.They decide to have a sparing match for practice.

S'loss makes his way towards their makeshift arena. He decides that this should be an honorable fight, so he only intents to use his own two hands in the battle rather than equipment; however, he will keep his equipment active and on hand in case of Xenomorph interference which is inevitable, but it will make things interesting at least and when they've grown bored of sparing, the hive will make a great challenge for them to overcome. As he approaches the "arena". A Xenomorph slowly creeps above him prepared to strike. S'loss' plasmacaster turns and without even looking he dispatches the Serpent before it can even react.Zel'no'di had been suprised at the quickness of S'loss.Zel'no'di said in their language "I would be honored to spar with you my fellow yautja."Then the battle began with Zel'no'di running towards his worthy foe.He threw a quick punch at S'loss and S'loss threw one as well.They hit each other in the face with hard impact.They both took a step back waiting for the other to attack.Zel'no'di kicked at S'loss,S'loss caught it and punched Zel'no'di.Zel'no'di threw his other leg slamming into S'loss' face then they both fell to the ground.A loud screech was heard through out the ship.Both of the warriors stopped sparring and listened.It was as many as fifty xenomorphs.Zel'no'di picked his plasmacaster up and activated the Factor-X blast.He fired it destorying 41 xenomorphs.The rest were fought of by hand to hand.The two Yautja walked towards the noise after picking up their weapons.They found the hive after walking for about 2 minutes.In the hive they saw 400 xenomorphs,5 preatorians,1 queen,and 1 king.The queen and king told their children not to attack.(telepathicaly)The king and queen looked at the yautja then they attacked.Zel'no'di threw his smartdisc and shot his speargun at the king.The king was at least 25 feet tall.

S'loss turned his attention to the queen. She tried to lash him with her tail, but he leaped into the air avoiding it and threw his smartdisc cutting her tail off knocking her to the ground.The queen hissed angrily and charged at S'loss and cornered him. She attempted to deliver a head bite, but he grabbed her inner jaws and cut them from her with his wristblades. The queen wailed in pain as S'loss leaped from the corner and aimed his chain plasmacaster at her before firing several shots which took off one of her arms. The Queen charged at him again, but this time he was ready. He activated his power glove and delivered a punch to the queen knocking her to the ground. He quickly drew his sword and drove it through her head which finished her off.While S'loss was fighting the queen Zel'no'di was figting the king.After throwing his Smartdisc and shooting his speargun he then shot up in the air and landed on the king's head.He sunk his wristblades in the skull of the king.The king swung it's tail at Zel'no'di and ended up stabbing it's own head.Zel'no'di front flipped off his head watching the pained king he playback a message from Tommy "These xenomorphs are very interesting but have bad weak-points like a yautja's plasmacaster blast."After the message ended he activated his Factor-X blast and fired blowing the head off the king.Nothing but the blade of the king's tail was left.Zel'no'di picked up the tail and put it in a net as a trophy.The two royal xenomorphs were killed,but not the hive.Zel'no'di and S'loss activated their self-destruct system's and threw it in the room.They set it to low power only destorying the hive.


With the hive destoyed the two Yautja had to go their different ways.But before going Zel'no'di gave the blade from the king to S'loss as a gift."If you need help you know were to find me,on our home planet just ask me your king"."You are a very strong and noble yautja I'm honored to have fought along side you."So the two got on their ships and left each others presence...for now.

More to come

If you like the what if battles than your in luck.The next battle is between two different hives.It's Double Blade vs Razor.Also if you want to battle someone elses creations than contact User:Zel'no'di or User:Nightmare76 to make a request.

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