In the year of 1906 a paleontological expedition to the Rocky Mountains stumbled upon the oddest of fossils: an animal shaped much like a Tyrannosaurus, but with a long, eyeless skull, a sharp blazed tail and strange tubular dorsal spines. The bones were arranged in a fashion unlike that of any living vertebrate, and chemical analysis led to the shocking conclusion that the nearby rocks had been exposed to an abnormally high concentration of some extremely strong acid. The strangest find, however, occurred when Prof. Abner Ravenwood found evidence of an intelligent humanoid civilization in the site's vicinity, such as ceremonial masks and blade weapons. The findings were intended to be brought to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia but all ended up disappearing after a sudden night storm hit the camping site. Prof. Ravenwood reports seeing strange lights and sounds quite different from normal thunderstorms, and four expedition members recall witnessing a flying machine of some sort crossing the desert sky. No one can tell for certain what happened to the vanished fossils, but since all scientific magazines refused to publish the description of such exotic findings without concrete proof the story slowly sunk into the realm of legend...

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