The Xulthejryn are a species of primarily subterrainian, carnivorous creatures.

Species Name Xulthejryn
Other Names none
Planet Unknown
Diet {{{diet}}}
Lifespan {{{lifespan}}}
Behavior {{{behavior}}}
Sapience level {{{sapience}}}
Galaxy All galaxies in the Local group (MWG, Andromeda, Triangulum, ect.)
Governmental System None
Affiliations None
Allies {{{allies}}}
Enemies All species they identify as a threat and/or potential food
Ruler none
Powers & Abilities N/A
Languages {{{languages}}}
Weapons Strong Legs, 3 layers of teeth, Acid, Freezing substance and 4 tentacles to drag victims into mouth
Goal N/A


They are 9'6" (1 1/6 metres) tall, pipedal and lack arms. Their skin is a tanish brown in color and they have an external skeleton covering a large portion of their body. They have semgented trunks that are 1'6" (0.5 meteres) and solid black eyes.

Their talons and teeth are similar to sharks' in the sense that they grow back indefinatley. They may seem weak due to a lack of arms, disallowing them from crawling or blocking their falls. However, they have extreamly powerful legs, capable of crushing a human skull or sending a Xenomorph drone flying. Their trucks contain a rapid-freezing substance that can freeze an attacked solid. And are capable of spewing a stream of yellow acid from their mouths.

They also have 4 tentacles that they can deploy from their mouths, grabbing opponets and prey and dragging them back to the three layers of sharp teeth.

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