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The yuatmenmorph is a hybrid predalien. She is the combination of human, xenomorph, and yuatja DNA. The yuatmenmorph srang forth from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. She is a Queen living in the research facility she took over.

She is the only yuatmenmorph. She has two small eyes on the sides of her head and has nostrils, mandibles, and dreadlocks. She has the body of a xenomorph and is a greenish color.

Weyland decided to capture a PredAlien chestburster and try to combine human DNA into the predalien's DNA. Her children look more of a regular xenomorph, but also green in color. When she impregnates a Yuatja, however, they look like a regular predalien. Like all predaliens, she lays eggs through her second jaw set, and can lay around four embryos into a victim.

The Yuatmenmorph has the ability to speak in human and Yuatja language. She often taunts her foes before killing or before they have their chestbursters emerge.