Yuri is a Russian Marine who fought in first battles with the Xenomorph.He was more of a sneaker than a fighter.

Early Life

He was a normal Moscow student in 1980.When he turned 18 he was attacked by a Xenomorph.He survived only by grabbing the Xenomorph tail and shoving it down its mouth.About twenty years after the incident he submitted himself to freezing testing for Russia.The test was a sucsess and Yuri was frozen until the modern time.


Some Preditors were searching a human facility and found a keypad.They smashed it and it opened. Yuris capsul.At first The preditors were curious.They saw that Yuri was a strong human. Yuri saw one of the Preditors and threw a pipe at him.It killed the preditor instantly.The rest tactitaly fled.Yuri found a sword that was different.Yuri felt a bond to it.He picked it up and looked at it.He saw somthing move by a box.It was a Xenomorph and Yuri stabbed it with his sword.The blade melted but killed the Xenomorph.Yuri then ripped out the tail of the Xenomorph and melted the tail onto the hilt of the sword.After constructing a new weapon Yuri went outside he saw a dead man.He searched athe man and found a magnum.It had "Sally" engraved on it.He took it and a note on the man.The note said that he was test subject #5670.It also said that if he awakend to kill him.Yuri looked at his clothes.They were standerd russian clothing.Yuri looked around and saw some armour.It was odd looking to him.It was black with blood stains.It was made from Xenomorph skin.Acid did not affect it and neither did regular bullets.Yuri also found another sword made from xeno skin.Yuir thought the company was very odd.


Yuri traveled days heading east.He found a mountain that he thought was weird.There was a man on top of it.Yuri asked the man what year it was.The man simply replied "This is not Earth boy,this is Reach".Yuri said that he was frozen in russia not a nother planet and then the man said "It is you!".Yuri asked him what he ment by that.The man told him that one day a frozen hero from the Soveit Union would help Spartan-116 Tom end The second Human/Covenant war.