The Zedreomorph (Zeed-re-o-morph) is a natural rival and enemy of the Xenomorph, and to a lesser degree, the predator.

A zedreomorph soldier


Zedreomorphs have a Xenomorph-like body, though their exoskeletons are slightly softer and more fleshy. When standing strait up, which they never do, they stand at 9'6" feet. They have a large, helmet-like head that is harder than even the Xenomorph's exoskeleton and sport two long mandibles.

The Zedreomorph has an extremley armoured head, which is immune to Xenomorph headbites. Zedreomorph heads can sustain heavy damage with no shock to the brain or large mandible muscles, making them effective shields.

Zedreomorphs lack acidic elements in their blood, but have highly acidic sticky substances secre

Homeworld Unknown
Height 9'6"
Weight 375 to 10,500 lbs.
Distinctions Pale coloration, Large brown heads, sharp mandibles,
Equipment None
Types Worker, Soldier, Basher, Guardian, Nasare, Queen, King
Affiliation Zedreomorphs
Other Names Zeds, Cream Xenos
Range Unknown
ted from their foreheads, which they spray as a weapon.
Species Name Zedreomorph
Other Names Cream Xenomorph
Planet Unknown
Diet {{{diet}}}
Lifespan {{{lifespan}}}
Behavior {{{behavior}}}
Sapience level {{{sapience}}}
Galaxy MWG
Governmental System Caste/Monarchy
Affiliations Zedreomorphs
Allies {{{allies}}}
Enemies Xenomorphs, Red Xenomorphs
Ruler None
Powers & Abilities Strength, Large Mandibles, Acidic forehead blasts
Languages {{{languages}}}
Weapons Mandibles, Acid,
Goal Survival

Zedreomorphs, unlike Xenomorphs are herbivorous, and feed on plant and fungal matter.

Zedreomorphs are larger than Xenomorphs, and their heads are much more heavily armoured. The Mandibles of a Zedreomorph can do serious damage to a Xenomorph, and despite it's lesser body armour, lack of tail spike and weaker claws, it can kill a Xeno with it's madibles and acid.

Zedreomorphs' thiner exoskeletons make room for larger muscles, making them stronger than xenomorphs, and able to lift xenos into the air. Zedreomorphs are also notably slower than Xenomorphs, and often travel on all 4s just to be able to rival the Xenos' bipedal speed.


Zedreomorphs also have a caste system like the xenos, though with fewer castes, lacking any equivalent to Xenomorphs such as the Lurker or Runner.

  • Worker: Look like pale Xenomorphs with non-elongated head rears, do the work of the colony gathering food for the soldiers and queen. Typically grow to 6 ft tall when standing up strait, and are utterly useless in combat.
  • Soldier: Look like pale Xenomorphs with huge heads and sharp mandibles, defend the other castes from Xenomorphs. Grow to 9'6" when standing up strait, and are deadly in head-on combat. They are the Rivals of Xenomorph Warrior caste, and while Larger and stronger than the Warrior and has superior head armour, the soldier is slower than the warrior and it's body armour is weaker than the warrior's.

    A zedreomorph basher

  • Basher: The Zedreomorph equivalent of the Xenomorph boiler, explode in combat. Look like soldiers but have twisted jaws that have more opening muscles and fewer closing muscles, as to smack opponents and send them flying. Their explosions are of a blue substance which expands, hardens and then melts whatever it's captured.
  • Guardian: The Zedreomorph Preatorian, standing at 12 feet, they are armed with red, toothed mandibles and a black head.
  • Nasutare: The Zedreomorph equivalent of a spitter, they have huge

    A Zedreomorph Nasutare

    nozzles coming out from directly above their mouths to shoot sticky acid, and very small mandibles. It is difficult for them to feed themselves.
  • Queen: Huge 25' long body that acts as an egg-laying machine, the queen is capable of movement but is slow. Her body is still heavily armoured and she has various acid-spraying holes along her body, allowing her to kill attackers easily.
  • King: Zedreomorphs have a king caste as well as a queen, the king is extremely armoured and guards the queen with his life.


Zedreomorphs live in caste societies, and build large nests to house their empires. Their nests are large, hollow and made of secretions of workers. Zedreomorphs send workers outwords to gather plants for food, while soldiers protect the nest from intruders (often Xenomorphs).

Zedreomorphs are preyed heavily upon by Xenomorphs, and are considered their rivals. Zedreomorphs are one of the few creatures able to rival Xenomorphs in physical abilities and colony-wide warfare. Zedreomorph colonies can be destroyed by Xenomorph attackers, or vica-versa, as Zedreomorphs can destroy large amounts of the Xeno workfore, starving them.

Zedreomorphs are not aggresive towards Xenomorphs and will not attack their colonies, but the Zedreoorph soldiers patrolling around the nest will kill Xenomorphs that come in contact with eachother.

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